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You know me? Me neither.

Any time, when I’m in a dire need.
Those gloomy days;
I hear a dulcet voice ringing merrily.
Once that voice convinces my soul-
My steps come to a halt, astonished.
I stand riveted, accepting it.

As long as I’m the one shouldering your burden,
As long as my life senses your suffering;
For as long as your smile becomes mine,
I’ll have your face etched within me,
Though I’m far away.

(Zainal Abidin- Ikhlas Tapi Jauh)

Welcome, strenjah.
I'm trying to relive the splendid 'ol writing times here.
Writer's block is not cool, bruh.
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I'm 20, and still at my pinnacle of jomblo-ness.
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